Camp Hill Lodge History

First Steps

The first meeting to discuss formation of the Lodge occurred on 21st June 1945 at the home of R.W.Bro.Jack Piket at Coates Street, Morningside. Present were 12 masons who wanted to form a new Lodge. All subsequent meetings were held at the Masonic Club in Brisbane. (See transcript of minutes of first pre-foundation meeting).

Why did these brethren want to form a new lodge? Because, in the words of the Foundation Master R.W.Bro.Jack Piket, “At Dennistoun, we were working a first and a second, two candidates each night and giving candidates away to other lodges. Our lodge was building up to 100-150 members and we decided to try and form another lodge and thought that around Camp Hill there was no lodge and there must be a lot of masons there; that’s why we formed it as Camp Hill”.

Following this intitial meeting, subsequent meetings were held at the old Masonic Club in Creek Street in the city.Initial response was disappointing, but then word "got around" and before long there were almost forty prospective members. An election of the future Worshipful Master and Wardens was held on 26th March, 1946. W.Bro. Jack Piket was Master Elect, Bro.J.Whyte Senior Warden and Bro.J.D.Baker Junior Warden.

However, the then Grand Secretary, Colonel Radford, who was extremely supportive throughout, indicated that as the Wardens Elect had not been members of the Craft for a sufficient period of time and had limited lodge experience, they would not be acceptable.

Therefore, new Wardens were elected: Bro.W.A.G.L. Campbell as Senior Warden and Bro.J.Hewlett as Junior Warden.

Minutes of pre-foundation meeting


Lodge Sponsorship

Greenslopes Lodge No 320 was approached to sponsor the new lodge. They refused as they felt that a new lodge called Camp Hill was inappropriate when none of the prospective members even lived in the Camp Hill area.

Following some redrafting necessitated by changes in the intended membership, the amended lodge proposal was presented to Norman Park Lodge No 314 for their consideration for sponsorship.

Norman Park brethren asked for a meeting with the prospective executive of the new Lodge. They said to Rt.W.Bro. Jack Piket and brethren “We understand this request has already been presented to another Lodge?” The Camp Hill brethren responded by showing that the original and redrafted proposals were different and Norman Park agreed to sponsor the new Lodge.



Following Grand Lodge approval the Lodge was consecrated on Saturday, 9th November 1946 by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro.Eustace A. Jones.

The ceremony was held in the Grand Hall of the Masonic Temple, Ann Street, Brisbane, commencing at 5.00pm in the presence of thirty four brethren of the new lodge with numerous visitors and 24 members of Grand Lodge.

The Grand Master was assisted by the Deputy Grand Master R.W.Bro.W.B. Darker, the Assistant Grand Master V.W.Bro.C.S. Spiers, the Grand Director of Ceremonies (and future Grand Master), V.W.Bro.Horace B. Milliner, and the Grand Chaplain, V.W.Bro.Rev H. J. Richards. The Grand Master then handed the meeting over to Deputy Grand Master Darker who conducted the Installation and Investiture of Officers.

The Regalia used by Camp Hill Brethren was lent by Wynumn Lodge No.81.

Foundation Members at Consecration of Camp Hill Lodge

After Installation of the Worshipful Master, Rt.W.Bro Jack Piket, and Investiture of Officers there was a notice of motion by W.Bro.Tait “That the By-laws of the Lodge as drawn up by the Committee be adopted as the by-laws of this the Camp Hill Lodge”.

Finally, two applications for Affiliation and seven for Inititation were proposed and seconded and the Lodge closed in peace and harmony at 9.00pm.

Camp Hill School of Arts, where the Lodge met for its first year, 1946

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