Camp Hill Lodge has a strong focus on masonic education. Soon after their initiation, new Camp Hill members attend an orientation night instructing them in general membership matters, as well as everything they need to know to get them through an average meeting in comfort and confidence.

We also arrange degree workshops where the candidate's most recent ceremony is discussed and explained in detail. Information kits are handed to new members after each degree.

Camp Hill Lodge also has a masonic lending library which can be accessed at our meetings.

Once a year, Camp Hill Lodge will sponsor one of its newer members to affiliate with Barron Barnett Lodge of Research.

In the spirit of encouraging a daily advancement in masonic knowledge, we would like to recommend the following few papers to masons and non-masons alike.

The Origins of Freemasonry
This paper outlines W Bro Don Barry's exploration of freemasonry's roots.

The Earliest Known Masonic Rituals and Practices
This paper gives a blow-by-blow of the earliest known masonic ceremonies as practiced by operative stone masons, possibly as far back as the 1300s. This is suitable reading for those yet to be initiated - it is so far removed from our current practices that there's no need for a spoiler alert.

Illustrated by Symbols
This excellent paper, used with the kind permission of Bro Cook of Southern Queensland Lodge No.29, explains how and why freemasonry uses symbolism to convey its lessons.