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Review of Solomons Power Brokers


Review of Solomon’s Power Brokers – The Secrets of Freemasonry, the Church and the Illuminati

Authors: Christopher Knight & Alan Butler publ. Watkins London, 2007.

By W.Bro.Don Barry P.G.Sw.B.

Initial Impressions:

Many ideas previously aired by Lomas & Knight are revisited in this book – sometimes associated with interesting and intriguing historical insights and facts (see below) – the major themes of the book being the so-called Star Family (reminiscent of Priory of Sion and/or Rex Deus family a la Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln), the Shekinah (the Star in the Star Family), the origins of Christianity (from the Apostle Paul’s distortion of the ideas of the Star Families’ Jerusalem church). It also ascribes the origins of the Cistercian Order, the Knights Templar and of Freemasonry to the Star Family as a result of its need for organisations to implement the Family’s ‘’plan’’ for a just, Godly and prosperous world society i.e. in reality a vast but benign, conspiracy theory.


Main Criticism: Much of the historical background provided is interesting but too many unusual or contentious assertions are made without references to source or without documentary justification for such assertions.

As an example of one of the book’s interesting historical facts – there is a description of The Inigo Jones Manuscript -  dated 1607 by Knight & Butler – Inigo Jones  (1573-1652) was appointed King’s Surveyor and was the most famous British architect up to time of Christopher Wren – the manuscript describes “how the worthy craft of masonry began” – and describes the knowledge of the 7 Liberal Arts & Sciences which existed before the flood, relates the story of the building of KS Temple by HA, the 2nd Temple by Zerrubabel and Herod’s Temple. According to Anderson’s Constitutions, which is often disbelieved by mainstream Masonic scholars, Inigo Jones was Grand Master in 1607 hence, one assumes, the 1607 dating by Knight & Butler of this manuscript. However, mainstream Masonic scholars date it to 1655, significantly later, though still relatively early.


Other Topics Addressed:

 Exodus – Moses & the Kenites a tribe of metalworkers & their storm god Yahwah adopted by Moses and Aaron and thus by the Israelites.

            Conquering of Canaan – Ark of Egyptian design!

            Salem = venus – in Canaanite language - Jerusalem means foundation for observing venus rising – no citation

            Solomon = same derivation as salem = peace/venus

            Solomon worshipped a range of gods including Molech – a dreadful god of fire sacrifice of children – common throughout Canaan and Phoenicia and Carthage.


Shekinah – King Solomon’s Temple – evidence is given that it was not originally dedicated to Yahwah alone but to a pantheon of polytheistic gods/goddesses in particular, it was originally probably dedicated to venus/shekinah = ashtoreth (astarte, ishtar, ashtar, asherah, anat, baalat-gebel).

            The Shekinah is the conjunction of mercury and venus at time of annual solstice/equinox (An interesting side-light – Robert Lomas in his book, Turning the Solomon Key indicates that in Solomon’s time, as well as before and after, the Shekinah may have been not only the conjunction of Mercury and Venus but also the conjunction of Venus with any of the larger planets e.g. Jupiter or Saturn etc – he gives the relative gravitational effects for the various planets which show how important Venus and the Moon are).

The shekinah occurs every 480 y or 12 venus cycles of 40 y (hence importance of 40 in biblical narrative) – special significance every 1440y because shekinah appears in same sign of zodiac as 1440 y before.

            e.g. The Exodus – was a  time of shekinah manifestation – 1447 BCE a date accepted by many scholars for the Exodus –  subsequently, 1440 y later – 7 BCE- star of bethelem (Holy Shekinah) shines at  the time of the birth of Jesus.

According to Knight & Butler, in the fifth year of his reign, Solomon laid the foundation stone of first temple i.e. in 967 BCE – 480 years later at manifestation of shekinah, the rebuilding of second temple occurred -  although permitted in reign of Cyrus the Great the actual rebuilding of second temple began under Darius of Persia in 487 BCE and 480 y later, Jesus born at 7 BCE at manifestation of shekinah = star of Bethlehem.

            Then, 1440 y later commencement of construction of Rosslyn Chapel  about 1440 CE – the winter solstice shekinah due in 1448 CE  was invisible due to its rising in conjunction with the sun but an autumnal equinox shekinah was visible on 21 September 1456 CE when the foundation stone of Rosslyn Chapel was laid (no citation).

            All very neat – perhaps too neat?

An interesting implication of the shekinah’s importance to KS and HA is that the real MMs secret might, at least in part, be related to the secret knowledge of Hiram Abiff and King Hiram & the Phoenicians about how to set up the orientation, alignment and design of KS’s Temple so as to capture the light of the shekinah at those critical times – similar alignments have been found in megalithic structures such as Newgrange in Ireland which has a light box  above the entrance which captures the light of Venus at the times of the equinoxes/solstices – they suggest that this light box is analogous to the Dormer window in KS’s Temple?


Star Family:

Definition  “The peoples who were of the bloodline of God’s kings and priests from the time of KS whose divine duty was to create a new world order to guide humankind to is ultimate destiny”.

            The Star referred to is the Shekinah or Venus in conjunction with Mercury.

            Star family links: - The authors assert that the “Essenes showed every sign of being part of the all-important Star Family priesthood that had survived from the time of Solomon” – no evidence given.

            “Simon bar Kochba, the messianic leader of Jews at disastrous 132 CE rebellion was originally named Simon bar Kosiba but took the name “Son of the Star”.

             The Rising of the Star Families – families of Jewish priestly line who survived the First and Second Jewish Wars and had migrated to safer climes far away from their Palestine homeland and eventually thus becoming ancestors of some of the European aristocracy involved in initiating the First Crusade, the establishment of the Cistercian Order, the Knights Templar and the Order of Freemasonry.

            Some of the European Aristocracy who are believed to be descended from Star Families were – Counts of Champagne, William the Conqueror, St Clairs (Sinclairs), Plantagenets, Tudors, Habsburgs etc.

            Star family had ideals and ideas allied to the ideals and ideas of Norseman – Norse Goddess Freyja = Venus; both had traditions of megalithic structures tracing movement of planet Venus.

            The Sinclair family has both Norse and Star Family origins – ultimately descendants such as William Sinclair/St Claire are believed by Knight and Lomas (see The Hiram Key & Lomas see Turning the Hiram Key) to have founded Freemasonry – St Clair/Sinclair built a blueprint in stone for FM at Rosslyn/Roslin – see Shekinah and Rosslyn Chapel above.

The Organisation of The Crusades and the foundation of the medieval Kingdom of Jerusalem were Star Family initiatives.

Cistercian Order, Knights Templar and Freemasonry were organisations basically setup by Star Families to further their ideals of world utopia.

            Thus the aims and existence of the Star Families constitutes part of the secrets or mysteries of Freemasonry and its raison d’ete

            Much of the above is asserted without justification by any historical documentation and tends to stretch credulity.      

One new idea for this  reviewer – that modern (i.e. post-Feudal) Switzerland was virtually a construction of the Templars (and indirectly the Star Families) following their dissolution by Philip IV of France. Certainly there are interesting pieces of circumstantial evidence for this: e.g. the establishment of Swiss banking, the flag (reversed Templar Cross), the neutrality and tolerance of the early Swiss, the coincidence of timing (both Templar disbanding and establishment of independent Swiss state occur at similar time), the textile industry (important Templar activity which became important in 14th and 15th Century Swiss States) and that the Swiss States were a known refuge of French Templars..


            The book contains many more historical twists and turns concerning the Star Families’ endeavours to found a world Utopia. This endeavour is supposedly founded on the ideals of Solomon’s priestly cohorts. It’s an interesting read but ultimately not convincing.